Living room

The photo of the living room has been expertly edited to enhance its appeal.

Project Description

The lighting in the room has been adjusted to create a warm and inviting ambiance, with soft, natural light filtering through the windows. The colors have been vividly enhanced, making the décor, which includes a cozy sofa, an elegant coffee table, and tasteful wall art, more striking and vibrant. The textures of the furnishings, like the plush carpet and the sleek wooden surfaces, have been sharpened for added detail and clarity. Additionally, any imperfections in the original photo, such as reflections or blemishes, have been seamlessly removed, presenting a flawless, magazine-quality image of the living room.

What Our team provided

Advanced Color Correction

Pro Contrast
Objects remove

Project Highlights

Enhanced Lighting: The photo has been edited to feature warm, inviting lighting, with a focus on soft, natural light that creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Sharpened Textures: Textures of various furnishings, such as the plush carpet and sleek wooden surfaces, have been sharpened, adding to the detail and clarity of the photo.

Vivid Colors: The colors in the room have been vividly enhanced, making elements like the sofa, coffee table, and wall art more striking and vibrant.

Client Comments