Portrait edit

This portrait is a harmonious blend of artistry and precision

Project Description

This edited photo showcases a woman elegantly dressed in a black evening gown, exuding sophistication and grace. The portrait is particularly striking due to the addition of golden elements that have been meticulously placed around her neck, adding a touch of luxury and opulence. The gold appears luminous and finely detailed, contrasting beautifully against the dark fabric of her dress.

What Our team provided

Advanced Color Correction

Pro Contrast
Complete Skin Retouch

Project Highlights

Golden Neck Elements: The portrait is enhanced with luminous, finely detailed golden elements around her neck, creating a striking contrast.

Soft Lighting: The photo features balanced, soft lighting that casts a gentle glow on her skin and accentuates the shimmer of the gold.

Enhanced Beauty and Pose: Her facial features and expression are enhanced, highlighting her natural beauty, with a confident and poised pose.

Client Comments