Removing the crane from the car

This photo showcases a sleek white car, captured in a setting that accentuates its design and elegance

Project Description

Originally, the car had a crane attached to its rear end, holding a camera for filming or photography purposes. However, through professional editing, the crane has been completely removed, leaving no trace of its existence. The edit is so seamless that it appears as if the crane was never there, presenting the car in its pure, unaltered form.

The white color of the car is bright and pristine, with the editing enhancing its gloss and the reflections on its surface, creating a sense of luxury and high quality. The car’s curves and lines are more pronounced due to the skilled editing, highlighting its aerodynamic design and modern aesthetic.

What Our team provided

Advanced Color Correction

Pro Contrast
Remove object from original photo

Project Highlights

Seamless Crane Removal: The crane originally attached to the rear of the car has been expertly removed, leaving no trace, making it appear as though it was never there.

Enhanced Car Details: The car’s curves, lines, and overall design are more pronounced, showcasing its aerodynamic and modern aesthetic.

Background Complementing the Car: The background is carefully adjusted to complement the car, focusing attention on its elegance.

Client Comments